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What’s an UnBooth?

An UnBooth is a special event at a  trade show that connects perspective clients to the host.


The UnBooth concept was a focused direct mailing with a companion in-person event at a trade show. The concept is to have an off-floor meeting room where select prospective clients could meet one on with our existing clients and casually talk about what it’s like to work with us.


Of the sixteen prospective clients that were invited, five were on-boarded as clients for projects. The project was a fresh approach that folks found refreshingly creative. Mission accomplished.

Behind the Scenes

I helped flush out the concept with our team. From there I helped the art take on a form that was impactful and captured eyes. The mailer is an oversized poster shipped in a box and couldn’t be missed. The project also allowed me to test the capabilities J Press at Yorke Printe Shoppe, the results were spectacular on a short run project.