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A Brand for Brands

If you’re going to protect brands, start with yours.


The Resicom Group’s core business offering is “protecting brands” for major North American retailers such as lululemon, Abercrombie & Fitch and Louis Vuitton. With this goal in mind Resicom’s brand needs to convey confidence, stability and consistency. A structured grid was the starting point and followed through with straightforward communication. 


With over 300 designed pieces Resicom was able to grow sales from $10M annually to $18M. A fresh approach to the sales process included using extensive branded technician training documentation to guarantee successful outcomes to new clients. This approach also increased projects with existing clients. 

Behind the Scenes

My role included creative direction, design, client meetings, photo shoot art direction, print coordination, digital oversight and client meetings. Our annual budget was $1.25M. In addition to the DMG Brand we built brands for their spa, eye glasses boutique and their charitable fund. I really enjoyed building a brand from the ground up and it’s extremely fulfilling to go just about anywhere in DuPage County and see the brands influence.