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Do the Q!

Building recognized 10 mile race from the ground up.


The Quarryman Challenge started as an idea to bring visitors to the Downtown Lemont area. Rather than start a typical 5k walk/run we chose to start a 10 mile race on the hilliest course in Chicagoland. Our first event had 220 runners and most recently has grown to over 800 runners. 


Beside the growing the race day numbers, the goal was to bring more visitors to the town, more often than just a race day visit. With a consistent brand experience, runners now train on the course almost year round. 10 mile racers are endurance athletes with a higher median income the average 5k participant. 

Behind the Scenes 

My role included creative direction, design, client meetings, photo shoot art direction, print coordination, and digital oversight. Our annual budget was minimal but I really enjoyed building a brand from the ground up. It’s extremely fulfilling to see all the generations of Quarryman T-Shirt around town and see runners training on the course as they run past my house on Saturday mornings.