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“Hey, you make brochures, right?”

It all started with that simple little question.


The brand’s humble beginning started with a 16 page brochure that went to 240,000 patients. The communication challenge was to help the audience feel comfortable in the transition of their personal physicians office uniting with 12 other offices to form the DuPage Medical Group. Comfort, stability and well-being were the pillars in continuing to build the DMG brand over time. Core design elements included a soothing blue color, lifestyle imagery and a clean, uncluttered design.


Through this cohesive, strong brand we helped take the group from 124 physicians to 460 physicians. The strength of the brand allowed us to achieve the CEO’s main goals; confident patients, unified physicians, insurer recognition and recruiting strength. To achieve this, we built a consistent design system that touched everything thing from an appointment card, department brochures, referral programs, unique signage systems and a digital presence.

Behind the Scenes

My role included creative direction, design, client meetings, photo shoot art direction, print coordination, digital oversight and client meetings. Our annual budget was $1.25M. In addition to the DMG Brand we built brands for their spa, eye glasses boutique and their charitable fund. I really enjoyed building a brand from the ground up and it’s extremely fulfilling to go just about anywhere in DuPage County and see the brands influence.